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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pass The Dutchie

Yesterday, two of my students were arrested in the parking lot of my school. Now if this is not dramatic enough, it's what they were arrested for that blows my mind...."Smoking marijuana". Okay so for some of you pot-heads you're saying, "That's why it needs to be legalized!" Well listen to what happened to these dolts. Well it appears that after class they chose to light up while standing and talking in the parking lot.

Because they assumed that the mall only has rent-a-cops, they felt obliged to light their wares and apparently dare someone to accost them. Little did they know that the mall also uses off-duty Baltimore County policemen to work security. Needless to say, they ended up being busted. Four police cars, and wait for this one........"They both had outstanding warrants". Dig that!

So this is what I want everyone to do; If you know that you have legal trouble and the police are looking for you; go to a public place and light one up for me. The likelihood that you may get caught is slim. Though if you do get caught, don't blame me or the fact that the school sucks.

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