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Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was supposed to stay respectful and calm
Not try to turn on the charm
But I couldn't
Okay, it wasn't that I couldn't
I wouldn't

See, I thought about it for a minute
How I always want to play
like I'm still in it
But the game has changed in so many ways
Folks doing things
we can't even say

That's the irony
of this life battle
Ain't too many folks
believing in being subtle
It's in your face philosophy
Yes, that's become the new policy

Boys can't be boys anymore
Seems that girls
decided to even the score
What once was petting
has gone extinct
Our sex, now foreplay I think

Girls aggressive as men
Acting dainty treated insane
The world wearing no shame
Even as a generation goes

So how has it come to this?
This now passionless face
that delivers a Judas kiss
With no emotion shown
Not even amongst this ecstatic throng
It all doesn't belong

Like a thief in the night
The void has come
To separate and shuck
Those that dare to be upright
From their obvious plight
I say
the void has come
To strengthen the brethren
for this final run
as they make their last dash
into heaven

We know it is time
For us to claim the song
Wait for the resounding note
of that impending gong
To those who have waited
this long
That find solace in God's apron
There can be nothing less
than to come meekly and confess

Soneka K. Kamuhuza 2009

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