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Friday, June 8, 2007

The Path

See the footsteps etched in front of you?
They are worth following
Each step deliberately taken, weighted to bear forward
He that walked before you meant them as a guide,
To make your march purposeful and your path straight
There is no choice but to walk the path
For we all must reach the destination

So this path is not by choice
Your gait can be different
With no obligation to follow the steps stride for stride
Your urgency can increase or decrease
Where the steps appear hurried
Choose to hasten yours
Where they appear paused
Mark yours with rest
But walk, do not stop

Feel free to set your own steps
Or place your feet in places once trodden
For you have the assurance of direction
Which those before confirmed
Pause to smell the flowers
Or rest against a tree
But keep walking
For destiny is calling you

Engage your fellow travelers in dialogue
Help up those weary
Crack a few jokes
Bring smiles to tired faces
Help to carry someone’s load
Whisper sweet commitment
Fill your walk with admirable deeds
Kiss a child; hug a brother
But keep walking

Stay clear of unsure footing
Test areas unsure
But remember that to pioneer
Does not mean ignoring good advice
Seek the counsel of elders you encounter
For they have walked farther
Yet walk as if you are leading the way
With vigor and purpose

Copyright - Soneka K. Kamuhuza