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Friday, June 1, 2012

Prayer: "Lord make me an animal!"

Lord thank you so much for waking me up today. My prayer is that you take the disobedience of being a man out of me and make me an animal. I want the loyalty and faithfulness of a Dog. I need you to make me like a Cat, and give me calmness and the ability to be totally still to hear your voice. When faced with insurmountable obstacles, I want the courageousness of a Honey Badger.  As the forest of problems looms tall ahead of me, give me the strength of an elephant to push through.

Provide the quickness of the Hummingbird  and the keenness of an Eagle so I keep my eye on the prize. The agility of a Gazelle so I can escape those that would set to lay traps for me. Give me the stealthiness of a Leopard, so I can set my own. Endow me with the eternal relational love of a Swan and the paternal instincts of a Penguin. Let me watch over my children like a Sea Horse and allow me to teach them and guide them like a Cheetah.

Teach me how to live and share like a Lioness and to lead like a Buffalo. Give me the ability to sniff out trouble like a Rhino and the ability to flee danger over tough terrain like a Mountain Goat. Let me seek your word like a thirsty Baboon and soar when it fills me like an Albatross. When popular choice stands against my convictions, allow me to stand alone like a Polar Bear. Endow me with the tenacity of a Wildebeest as I cross the river filled with Crocodiles of doubt.

Let the voices of my detractors become like the sound of Hyenas angry at their inability to steal a kill. I want to gnaw on their heels like a Rat bent on getting to food. When surrounded, give me the relentlessness of a Warthog protecting its young. If overcome, I want the skin of a Porcupine, so that their attack leave them injured and remembering never to try again. Let my enemies smell like a Skunk so I can recognize them at a distance and steer clear.

Give me that arms of an Orangutan so I can hold my wife and children close. The voice of a Robin, so I can sing love songs and lullabies. Give me the sacrificial heart of an Octopus and the courage of a Meerkat in my will to die for them. Surround my family like the Bison protecting its young. Chase away evil and harm like a Rattlesnake's warning sound. Sound the alarm like a Howler Monkey when duplicity is in the midst.

Most of all Lord, just make me the best MAN I can be.