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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love Talk

Perchance on this walk I will forget to stop
To watch closely the path of its nuance, and examine its contours. To perceive the meadows behind, hills and dense forests, the streams, rivers and gapping waterfalls that have conceded themselves. For the walk has not ceased, it is eternal.
It has been joined in many forms,
By a wife, a God, a Child, but always the path meanders. Curves and rises, barriers to be cleared. Time has supplicated itself in the story, an interminable justification.
Filled with mirth and gait, complete languish and sometimes anguish it is not for those that cannot linger.
The agreement is that the walk is foretold, and the path destined. We cannot begin to justify nor nullify our participation, for the sacrament tests only your vow to its measure and truth.
Are you committed? It is oblivious to the weight of the boulders or the effort of the laborer. For many before have labored, triumphed, or failed.
It must be a determined walk, interspaced with magnificent dashes and feats of speed, gaining ground, elevation and scenery. For when it is all said and done, It is measured only by the fruit deposited on the path and not by the number of seeds.

Happy Anniversary Vuyiswa—May the God of Our Father’s Bless Us For Another Ten Years

Thank you for loving me, even against myself.

Soneka K. Kamuhuza 1/8/2004

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