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Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Valentine

‘Twas images of princes and gallantry that flooded the
innocent mind back then. And “happily ever after” was
the phrase that curtained many a sweet dream.

Yet the Almighty, in his infinite wisdom, saw fit to
converge our distant paths in a most unlikely prologue.
As such, I recognize that you are God’s choice for me.

And because every good and perfect thing comes from Him,
then I can only believe that you are God’s perfect man for me.
And, yes, you are good.

And if a man is to leave and cleave and turn away from
his childhood ways, then surely you have forsaken much
to be joined with me.

If “nobility of behavior and spirit” is the definition, then
you are gallantry defined. And you have stood to call
yourself a child of the King, so you must be my prince!

Finally, if love is long-suffering and love bears all things,
believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things…
then what a love is this.

This story is not all written yet and God holds the epilogue
and the “ever after”. I wait with bated breath for all the
things we are yet to become.

By Vuyi,
for Soneka
Valentine’s Day 2007

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