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Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Christian Man

A Christian Man let’s his yea be yea

And his nay be nay.

He dwells not on the adoration of man

But the acceptance of God

A Christian man raises his children to believe

In the stories of men he never knew,

about a man he never met.

He is leader among PhD’s

Yet a meek follower,

of a carpenter.

A Christian man is slow to anger,

measured in speech

And patient to listen.

He answers your call without hesitation.

A Christian man,

dedicates himself tirelessly to the welfare of his family

He is not swayed by the popular

Nor influenced by fads.

He is stoic in his morals,

Unyielding in his beliefs.

He fights for the salvation of his children.

He stands because he must.

He is like Joshua in battle,

relentless in Gospel pursuit

A Christian man,

reviews all the songs on God’s album,

so the lyrics come easy.

He ministers in his home,

and his walk, ministers to others.

He is convinced of his salvation,

Even in the face of uncertainty

He bears the weight of uneven tribulations

His spirit ministers when he is gone

His verse is his song

His bible his orchestra

To Matthew he writes

To Luke, he listens

With John, he has argued

Mark, chastised

Of Revelations, shows fear

He pursues Exodus

For Leviticus’ sake

In his memory is Psalms

A Christian man walks

Because his feet search for the path

His shoes show wear

His clothes are soiled

He labors in strength

“Glory’ his constant cry

Meek and mild

With sensitive heart

Yet Strong and mighty

In confrontational stance

He repents with conviction

Forgives with sincerity

For, I hear Joshua’s war cry

From the mountains on high

I cry unto you O’ Lord

That I can be

A Christian man.

©2008 SKK

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