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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Isaac's Wells

Your wells are dry Isaac

Who has covered your wells?

The Lord has promised you water

So why does Israel roam?

Surely Abimelech cannot prosper

To gain yet not sow?

Rename your wells, Isaac

Rename your wells, Isaac

Your inheritance possess

They may chase you away

Again and again

But, no man can claim your place

Nor prosper their wells

Encamp in Gerar, Isaac

Re-open your wells

Do not despair, Isaac

As they stop up your wells

For they quarrel with the Lord

Sitnah will be their name

Even as you wander in doubt

Have faith in the Lord

For your next well will be Rehoboth

And you will flourish in this land

In Abimelech's plight

He will recognize God's might

Discarding his discord

For peaceful respite

At Beersheba encamp, Isaac

Pitch your tents yet on nigh

Remember that your father Abraham

Was promised this land

Re-dig your father's wells, Isaac

They are dry no more, Isaac

They have been refreshed

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