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Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm Sorry

I'm so sorry
That when you fell down
I didn't help you up
I'm sorry
That with a stroke of a pen
I couldn't make it right
I'm sorry
That I hurt your heart
And what's more?
Didn't feel contrite

I'm sorry
That in my parting words
I didn't utter a kind or gentle phrase
I'm so sorry
That your teary face
Was treated common place

I'm sorry
That I've caused everything that's good
To now be misunderstood
I'm sorry
That all the pleasantries exchanged
No more feel like they should

I'm so sorry
That even truth when told
Now has very little hold
I'm sorry
What were innocent words
Are in a venomous veil

I'm sorry
That I can no longer sooth
Your nagging distress
See I'm sorry
That even my words
Cause you moments of stress

I'm sorry
For leaving you bare
When I should have returned your stare

I'm so sorry
That we will never repair
That innocence there
When we walked on the path
In verbal regale
Bathed in our love
And voluminous care

For this and and for more
While acting a fool
I'm sorry

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